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laying a slate roof

Davidsons Mains Roofing Ltd. provides a complete range of roofing construction and maintenance services throughout Edinburgh. We can provide you with free estimates for

Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance:
Flat roofs can be challenging to maintain. We have gained an enviable reputation for our flat roof construction, repair and ongoing care.

Roof Tiling and Slating:
Tiles and slates are the fund
amentals of a classic pitched roof. We source quality tiles and slates and lay them with exceptional care for a lasting end product that also looks good.

Chimneys Removed - Cowls Fitted:
Whether you need to take a chimney away or make a feature of it with a newly fitted cowl, we can give you a cost-effective service and a quality finish.

uPVC Cladding:
uPVC has been in use as a building material since the 1970s but cladding from that era can deteriorate badly. However, technology has moved on and new uPVC cladding is more sun and weather-resistant than the original material. Replacing tired cladding can revitalise the look of your property and is well worth the moderate expense. Call us for an estimate today!

Pointing and Cement Work:
It's surprising how much brick and cement work exists around your roof, and it's important that it isn't allowed to weather to the point where it allows moisture into the building space. We can inspect pointing and cement work, and restore degraded areas to a fully weather resistant
barrier against the worst our climate can throw at it.

Guttering Cleaning and Repair:
Gutters perform an important task in ensuring rainfall is routed away from your building, but this also means they are natural places for leaves, moss and other debris to collect, especially in late summer and autumn. We will clear, inspect and if necessary repair your gutters to ensure they run free, and that the rain and snow doesn't do lasting damage to your property over the winter months.

Roof Cleaning:
It may seem obvious, but a clean roof means less clogging of gutters and pipes, and less replacement and repair required later on. We provide a thorough cleaning and restoration service for pitched and flat roofs, keeping your roof sound and ready to face all that a Scottish winter can throw at it! We would be delighted to inspect your roof and give you a competitive quote.

Inevitably, for some properties a roof degrades to the point where re-roofing is the only real option.
We can strip back old and decaying materials,  restore underlying structures, and re-lay slates, tiles and flat roofing layers to 'as new' condition, ensuring your roof remains stable and weatherproof for many years to come.

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We have had many years of experience in the roofing industry, and in that time have been able to develop an excellent reputation within our field. We are very proficient and knowledgeable; we aim to be polite and friendly at all times, and we take a great deal of pride in every job that we undertake. We believe in offering only the highest levels of quality and service to all our customers. Our prices are very competitive, so to find out exactly what we can offer you, please call us today.     0131 336 4245

We offer our services throughout Edinburgh. Make sure that you call us today if you are interested in any of the services listed above.